Merry Christmas!

Grand Prix Kyiv 2022 Christrmas

Dear Friends,

From the Grand Prix Kyiv team we would like to greet you all with this magical holiday – Christmas πŸŽ„

We wish you good health, happiness and harmony, let miracles always happen in your life. ✨

We believe that these holidays will bring all of you good family times, much inspiration and faith in a bright future for all.

We’re very happy and excited to share with you this festive time.

And as it’s usually happens only good news are coming during such a time. And we are happy to announce you that Grand Prix Kyiv 2022 will finally take place in Kyiv, at National Opera House of Ukraine on 6th – 8th, June, 2022.

Merry Christmas 🎁!

Best regards,

Grand Prix Kyiv